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February 19, 2014: AWA Takes on 2014 ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge   aspca Rachael Ray $100K Challenge

January 24, 2014: AWA Offers Beat the Heat to Help Reduce Cat Overpopulation                Beat the Heat flyer     female cat discount spay south jersey

January 6, 2014: AWA Offers Pet Owners Discounted Neuter Surgeries During Month of January: Happy Neuter Year Sponsored by PetSmart Charities

December 30, 2013: Children's birthday gifts: Giving to help shelter pets.  cake

December 11, 2013: Photos of AWA's Pet Clinic Grand Opening and Holiday Party!South Jersey animal shelter open house

December 5, 2013: Famous AWA Adoptee! 

From rescued to rescuer, AWA's Shelter Dog, Dooley, was the Search Dog Foundation's first graduate from start to finish. Read this heartworming story of the dog (now named Crockett) that was found abandoned and the victim of assault is now a finely tuned athlete and search dog.

November 26, 2013: Paws to Celebrate…AWA’s New Pet Clinic Open House & 65th Anniversary

November 28, 2013: Voorhees Mayor Gives AWA a Shout Out on Our Clinic Grand Opening

November, 2013: View Our TV Commercialvideo for South Jersey homeless pets

August 27, 2013: AWA  Hosts Region’s Second Mega Adoption Event        South Jersey's biggest pet adoption event 

July 29, 2013: AWA's clinic manager, Judi Russo, featured on WTER Radio/Pet Patrol. Listen to stories and descriptions of what goes on inside South Jersey's highest volume, low-cost vet clinic    

July 25, 2013: $55,000 Grant From PetSmart Charities Funds AWA's New ClinicNew low-cost spay/neuter clinic

July 24, 2013: AWA Awarded $199,000 Grant to Save More LIves With Free Spay/Neuter for Cats in Local Communities 

July 9, 2013: AWA Saves the Lives of South Jersey's Most At-Risk Pet Population With PetSmart Charities-Funded ProgramSouth Jersey pit mix for adoption


July 4, 2013 SOJO 104.9 Blog: It's Raining Cats in South Jerseyadopt cats and kittens in South Jersey

June 28, 2013: AWA to Expand Facility Homeless dog in South Jersey 

 NJ Animal Shelter expands

June 17, 2013: Animal Welfare Association Aims to Save Lives With ‘Raining Cats’ Promotion: Its Goal Is to Save 300 Cats Lives During “Kitten Season”



June 13, 2013: AWA's Second Pets For Life Event a Huge Success


June 13, 2013: Helping Care for Furry Friends: Jewish Community VoiceSouth Jersey pet therapy

June 12, 2013: AWA Exceeded Goal of 3,000 Spay/Neuter Surgeries: PetSmart Charities Funded the 2-Year Project


June 10, 2013: Who's Your Daddy: Many Mutts and Their Owners Would Like to KnowDNA tested shelter dog


May 18, 2013:  South Jersey Charitable Foundation Kicks Off AWA’s 65th Anniversary CelebrationWith a $100,000 Gift Toward Its Clinic Expansion   


Camden County article



May, 2013: Coit and AWA: Rescuing Animals One Paw At a Time Suburban Family Magazine article


March 30, 2013:  Animal Welfare Association Celebrate Milestone Anniversary  by "Rolling Back" Cat Adoption Fees to 1960's Prices

March 27, 2013: Animal Welfare Association Expands: New Senior Staff to Meet GrowthAWA animal shelter veterinarian


January 20, 2013: Starved dogs make no noise as AWA comes to the rescue  

 AWA Rescues Starving Dogs From Hoarding Situation


January, 2013: 16 Starving Dogs Rescued by AWA

Full story and video covered by NBC News.  nbc news


AWA Helps Hurricane Sandy Victims  












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